Games & Projects

Cove Challenge
Pathways to Education - Character Artist
A financial literacy learning game to education teens on managing money to better equip them to deal with common financial challenges not addressed in schools.

[Download on the Apple Store]

Beat Brawler 
Cake Boat Games - Character Artist
Beat Brawler is a hybrid action and rhythm game for mobile devices (that unfortunately never saw release) featuring luchadors, silly shape enemies, and great music.

TOJam 2012 - Artist
Made at the Toronto Game Jam in 2012. 

Dragon's Bounty Cinematic
A cinematic that was created in college. All art assets done by myself, rigging, animation and rendering by Max Brown.

Pirateball Extravaganza
3D Artist
A small tower defense game prototype.

Sleep Start
TOJam 2011 - Artist
A downscrolling game in which you have to dodge objects in order to stay asleep.